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Reverse Engineering using Pro/E Modeling & Scanning Techniques

Client Profile:

The Client is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of automotive components.It's customer base comprises of several major automotive companies across the globe.

Technology Platform:

Pro/Engineer 5.0

Pro/E modelling coupled with scanning techniques helped to reverse engineer crank shaft design.

Pro-E Model Crafted using RE Technique


  • The client was facing a challenge of providing a crankshaft to one of it's clients, for which the inventory had exhausted & no more production was carried out by the OEM.
  • The original design of the crankshaft was not available.
  • In order to complete the engine assembly it was required to reproduce the original design of the crankshaft using reverse engineering techniques.
3D Scanning Technique

Engineering Solution

  • The point cloud data thus captured was converted into polylines & this data was then imported to Pro/E.
  • With the data, a Pro/E model was created which was used to carry out further analysis of the design & create production ready drawings once the necessary modification were carried out.

Engineering Solution

  • The problem was dealt with Hi-Tech's three step process of Reverse Engineering. Data digitization-Data Integration – 3D CAD Modeling
  • To accurately reproduce the design of the crankshaft, firstly all the dimensions were digitized using manual, Laser Scanning & CMM measurement techniques.


  • The Reverse Engineering techniques using CAD/CAM enabled the client to accurately recreate the design of the required part for which inventory had exhausted.
  • This technique augmented the production process by producing production ready drawings.
  • Certain design modifications as per the requirement could be made to make the design more robust.

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