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Powertrain Services

Advanced Simulation, Technologies and Instrumentation & Test Systems are three branches of Powertrain Engineering, that are most efficient and cost-effective development processes. Hi-Tech has thus developed expertise in managing the interface between R&D, development and manufacture in the most effective way.

With rich experience and expertise developed in Powertrain engineering, Hi-Tech manages to support its customers all throughout the development phase and produce unique solutions for Powertrain systems of different kinds.

Analysis & Simulation / CAE

Powertrain Design

Related Industries
  • Powertrain Design for Passenger Cars
  • Powertrain Design for Heavy Duty on Road
  • Powertrain Design Heavy Duty Off Road
  • Powertrain Design for Electrification
  • Powertrain Design for Compact Engines & 2-Wheeler
  • Powertrain Design for Large Engines
  • Powertrain Design for Racing
Related Elements & Systems
  • IC Engines Design
  • Transmission Design
  • Battery Design
  • E-Motor Design
  • Controls Design
  • Vehicle System & Hybrid Design
  • E-Vehicle Design

Combustion Development

Related Industries
  • Combustion Development for Gasoline Passenger Cars

Mechanical Development & Validation

NVH / Acoustic Engineering

Related Industries
  • Acoustic Engineering for Passenger Cars
  • Acoustic Engineering for Heavy Duty On-Road Vehicles
  • Acoustic Engineering for Heavy Duty Off-Road Vehicles
  • Acoustic Engineering for Electrification
  • Acoustic Engineering for Compact Engines and 2 Wheelers
  • Acoustic Engineering for Large Engines
Related Elements & Systems
  • Acoustic Engineering of IC Engines
  • Acoustic Engineering of Transmissions
  • Acoustic Engineering of Vehicle Systems & Hybrids

Powertrain Calibration

Related Industries
  • Calibration of Passenger Cars

Controls Software Development

Related Industries
  • Control Software Development for Passenger Cars
  • Control Software Development for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Driveability Engineering and Simulation

Related Industries
  • Driveability of Passenger Cars
  • Driveability of Commercial Vehicles
  • Driveability of Off-Highway Vehicles

Reliability Engineering

Related Industries
  • Reliability Engineering for Passenger Cars
  • Reliability Engineering for Heavy Duty On-Road Vehicles
  • Reliability Engineering for Heavy Duty Off-Road Vehicles
  • Reliability Engineering for Electrification
  • Reliability Engineering for Large Engines
  • Reliability Engineering for Racing
Related Elements & Systems
  • Reliability Engineering for IC-Engine
  • Reliability Engineering for E-Motor
  • Reliability Engineering for Controls
  • Reliability Engineering for Vehicle System & Hybrid
  • Reliability Engineering for E-Vehicle System

Fuel Cell Engineering

Related Industries
  • Fuel Cell Engineering for Passenger Cars
  • Fuel Cell Engineering for Heavy Duty On-Road Vehicles
  • Fuel Cell Engineering for Heavy Duty Off-Road Vehicles
Related Elements & Systems
  • Fuel Cell Engineering for E-Vehicle Systems

Plant & Production Engineering

Service Portfolio
  • Production Intent Product Engineering (PIPE)
  • Production Optimization
  • Production Development Process

System Configuration


Related Industries
  • Manufacturing of Race Engines

Project Management

Quality Management

Legislation Services

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