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Powertrain Elements & Systems

Hi-Tech is not only known for developing single component of a modern Powertrain like engine, energy stores, control, electrical motor but also for optimizing them simultaneously.

Hi-Tech survives in a competent market and develops complete comprehensive systems that integrate different customers’ needs into one. Hi-Tech is a name synonymous with integrated Powertrain Solutions for Sustainable Mobility.

IC Engine

Related Industries
  • Internal Combustion Engines for Passenger Cars
  • Internal Combustion Engines for CE & 2-Wheelers
  • Internal Combustion Engines for On-Road Commercial Powertrains
  • Internal Combustion Engines for Off-Road Vehicles
  • Large Combustion Engines
Related Services
  • IC Engines Design
  • Acoustic Engineering of IC Engine
  • Control Software Development for IC Engine
  • Reliability Engineering for IC Engine
  • Test Factory Utilities for IC Engines Testing
  • Legislation Services


Related Industries
  • Transmission Development for Passenger Cars
  • Transmission Calibration for Passenger Cars
  • Transmission Testing for Passenger Cars
  • Transmission Development for On-Road Vehicles
  • Transmission Development for Off-Road Vehicles
  • E-Vehicle Calibration
Related Services
  • Transmission Design
  • Transmission and Axle Testing
  • Acoustic Engineering of Transmissions
  • Control Software Development for Transmission
  • Test Factory Utilities for Transmission Testing

Battery Solutions

Related Industries
  • Batteries for Passenger Cars
  • Batteries for Heavy Duty Applications (on-road and off-road)
  • Batteries for Electrification
Related Services
  • Battery Design
  • Control Software Development for Battery


Related Industries
  • E-Motor for Passenger Cars
  • E-Motor for Heavy duty On Road
  • E-Motor for Heavy duty Off Road
  • E-Motor for Electrification
  • E-Motor for Compact Engines & 2-Wheeler
  • E-Motor for Large Engines
Related Services
  • E-Motor Design
  • Control Software Development for E-Motor
  • Reliability Engineering for E-Motor


Related Industries
  • Controls for Passenger Cars
  • Controls for Heavy Duty Vehicles On-Road
  • Controls for Heavy Duty Vehicles Off-Road
  • Controls for Electrification
  • Controls for Compact Engines and 2-Wheelers
  • Controls for Large Engines
Related Services
  • Controls Design
  • Reliability Engineering for Controls
  • Test Factory Utilities for Control Testing

Vehicle System & Hybrid

Related Industries
  • Hybrid for Passenger Cars
  • Hybrid for Heavy Duty On-Road Vehicles
  • Hybrid for Heavy Duty Off-Road Vehicles
Related Services
  • Vehicle System & Hybrid Design
  • Acoustic Engineering of Vehicle Systems & Hybrids
  • Control Software Development for Vehicle System & Hybrid
  • Reliability Engineering for Vehicle System & Hybrid
  • Legislation Services
  • Hybrid Calibration

E-Vehicle System

Related Industries
  • Electrified 2-Wheelers
  • Electrified Passenger Cars
Related Services
  • E-Vehicle Design
  • Control Software Development for E-Vehicle System
  • Reliability Engineering for E-Vehicle System
  • Fuel Cell Engineering for Passenger Cars and Electric Vehicles
  • Legislation Services
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