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Start Stop Technology- A Smart Feature That Helps Reduce Fuel Consumption

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stop-start-button-300x300A lot has been said and done to effectively reduce fuel consumption in vehicles. The latest on the list is the start/stop button, a smart feature that turns the engine off when your car comes to a complete halt, and then starts it automatically when you are ready to move.

This means that, the engine shuts down when not needed, therefore saving a lot of fuel. When you are at the signal or in a traffic jam, simply put the gear to neutral and take your foot off the clutch. The engine will automatically stop. When you are ready to proceed, put your car back in gear, and press the clutch. The engine starts and you are ready to race ahead. Besides, the system also understands the difference between a temporary pause and end of the trip. If your seat belt is undone, the door is not closed properly or the bonnet is left open, the engine will not restart automatically.

The engine start/stop function does not compromise with the driving comfort and safety. This function is coordinated by a central control unit that monitors the relevant sensors, starter motor and the alternator. Hence, until the engine reaches the ideal running temperature, the start/stop function does not activate. Similarly, if desired temperature is not achieved inside, the vehicle or the person at the wheel moves the steering, or in case the battery is not charged the auto start and stop, function does not activate.

Besides, if your engine, auto stops, and meanwhile the vehicle begins to roll, the battery charge falls very low or condensation forms on the windscreen, the engine will auto start. The auto start/stop feature, when used consistently, can significantly reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.