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Automotive Body Engineering- A Blend of Glamour and Endurance

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The automobile sector is rapidly growing. Hordes of new designs for automobiles are seen in the market where each new design beats the other. In this scenario, design and body styling is played up by manufacturers as the USP for an automobile. Several computational simulation and engineering techniques are integrated, to rapidly explore the design possibilities and perform automotive body engineering and design development.

Body Engineering useful Body parts

Body-in-white, interior and exterior of automobile are engineered to impart glamour, utility and a robust structure to the vehicle. Engineering tools such as CAD, CFD, FEA, expertise in reverse engineering, noise and vibration engineering and material expertise in composite materials, aluminum and steel helps in building well engineered automobiles.

Hi-Tech AES is a leading automotive engineering service provider based in India. We have an expandable infrastructure and a team of expert automobile engineers who can handle all types of simple to complex vehicle body engineering projects for several international auto part manufacturers. Our company has designed automotive body parts like wheel house, pedal, roof rails, floor structure, seat frames, bumper, fender shield etc for some of the leading automobile manufacturers. We engineer automobile body parts for improved strength, durability, easy manufacturability and better performance.

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