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3D-Printed Car Manufactured in 44 Hours using 40 Parts Costing only £11,000

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1908, the year when mass production of cars began; no one ever imagined that automobile industry would come this far! From mind-blowing designs to futuristic and smart technologies; this industrial sector has been a witness to various endless innovations!

3D Printed Car Manufactured

Arthur C Clarke saidAny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” A very recent event in Chicago gives a testimony to this statement. Let’s check out on some of the prominent features of this car – nothing short of magic!

Few days back when we said “The Future of 3D Printing in Transforming the Concepts of Manufacturing” people were a bit skeptical about it; however now with these facts we have proved our point with a bang.

International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 held in Chicago, became a spectator to the introduction of the very first-of-its-kind product that is certainly set to turn the tables in the automotive industries.

Yes…we are referring to Strati; the one-of-its-type 3D printed car unveiled during this show. A futuristic vehicle prepared in just 44 hours and at a mere cost of £11,000.

It was a treat for the eyes to watch this Next-Gen Car shaping up layer by layer and inch by inch; it was built using 3D printers and Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) in front of live audience.

  • Using the Digital manufacturing technique; the chassis and body were manufactured by a 3D printer, while the other parts like wheels, electric motor, battery, tires and seats were assembled through conventional methods.
  • Made from one solid piece; this car’s top speed is 40mph, while the battery will last for to 120 to 150 miles; with more and enhanced features expected in near future!
  • The most thrilling part – this Battery-Powered car consists of 40 components – Just 40, as compared to the whopping 20,000 odd components that goes in manufacturing a car when you use the old, conventional methods. This means the cost of production will come down manifold! As a matter of fact, Local Motors is hoping to offer this car at the initial price of $18,000 to $30,000, which of course isn’t too much for something that is so high-end!
  • One of very interesting aspect of this innovative product is that it is environmental friendly! Today, when everyone has realized the importance of green technology; the designers of Strati have actually applied it. Apart from running on batteries, the material used in the car can be recycled!
  • Unlike, the steel or aluminum bodies of the conventional cars, no paints or glues are used in Strati; thus recycling can be done without any hassles and without damaging the ecology.

If industry experts are to be believed then this method of making cars or any vehicle for that matter is indeed revolutionary and will provide immense flexibility ultimately making automotive production cost-effective and swifter than ever.

The Initial price of this MAGIC is in the range of $18, 000 to $ 30,000, whereas the company’s aim is to build it in less than 24 hours.

(Image credits: Local Motors)

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