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Electrical System Engineering

We provide comprehensive automotive electrical engineering services. We supports internal vehicle design and development projects as required, and provides services for any customers requiring electrical systems work design or drafting.

Our team of experienced engineers has been keeping up with the demands of the industry and has been steadily growing.


Our Services include:

Electrical Systems

  • Design, Integration and Development of Vehicle based Electrical Systems
    • Overall vehicle electrical architecture design
    • Model based electrical systems analysis
    • Power generation
    • Control systems
    • Component design, development, prototyping
    • Communications, networking and telemetry
    • On-board diagnostics and prognostics
  • Test Bench Design and Automation
    • Test benches designed to suit our customers’ requirements including vehicle based test systems, component test systems, End-of-Line (EOL) production test systems.
    • Unique control system development – laptop or desktop computer based, or custom embedded control system.
    • Ruggedized design for use in harsh environments
    • Intuitive operator interfaces incorporating ergonomics
    • Fixture design and fabrication
    • Data acquisition - Creation of database systems and automated data presentation
    • Customized data post-processing software to allow for efficient analysis of data
  • Data Acquisition
    • Customized data acquisition systems for use in any environment
    • High or low channel count, custom data devices
    • Laptop based, or stand alone systems
    • Real Time data viewing and/or processing
  • Vehicle Control System Development
    • Embedded Control System specification and integration
    • Algorithm development including model based design and plant modeling
    • Hardware in the loop (HIL) development
    • On-board Diagnostic development
    • Engine, transmission, hybrid, electric motor, chassis and brake systems control
    • Vehicle Network Communications


  • Digital and analog electronics design, validation and testing including circuit boards, electronic devices, mechatronics
  • Rapid prototype and small volume manufacturing of electronic components
  • Electrical component testing including thermal, vibration, corrosion and stress testing


  • Software design and development services
  • Controls algorithm development
  • IEC61508 and SIL3 compliant code development
  • Data post-processing and analysis tools


  • Logical and physical design of wiring harnesses
  • Prototyping
  • Small volume production
  • Electrical system bucks

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